Special Lunch Menu at Mama San Bar

SPECIAL LUNCH Menu at Mama San Bar - A choose Dim Sum dumpling grazing menu is readily available to eat in the upper level bar area through 6pm to 11pm, Monday thru to Saturday.

Goodies like the lamb and pumpkin potstickers having chilli oil and black vinegar have got a firm favourite and also the La lot Vietnamese barbequed mince pork belly bandaged in betel leaves with nouccham salad dressing.

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Prices are issue to 10% Govt Tax with 7.5% Service Cost And are in thousands Rupiahs

Lamb martabak along with curry powder egg leek using pickled cucumber thrive on tamarind dressing
Roasted Peking duck having steamed choy sum And red bean sauce
Steamed barramundi through ginger And shallot
Salt And Pepper squid through red nahm jihm
Siew mai Bandung having chilli peanut sauce And coriander ginger vinegar
Thai fish cakes with fairly sweet chilli sauce And pickled cucumber
Steamed snapper dumplings having chilli And black bean oil
Beef And bamboo dumplings with chilli And hot bean sauce
La lot Vietnamese cooked minced pork belly covered in betel leaves together with nouc cham
Kachooris using yellow dahl coriander And also mustard seeds served
with mint chutney As well as tamarind chutney
Lamb And pumpkin pot sticker with chilli oil And also black vinegar

Chatuchak crispy pork steak with green mango peanuts And Nam Yam dressing
Crispy salmon along with green mango And also sweet fish sauce
Grilled Thai beef salad together with fruit tomato mint Thai tulsi cucumber lemongrass
peanuts with hot And sour dressing
“Ginger And shallot” sashimi along with snapper salmon And tuna
Chicken And pomelo salad together with lime leaf white coral mushroom And sesame seed
Chicken And prawn eggnett together with coconut caramel mint beansprouts nuts pickled relish
Peking duck along with green mango carrot shrimp coriander And “nouc cham” dressing

Steamed whole fish having ebony bean leek shiitake mushroom shallot And soy
Sichuan sluggish braised beef short ribs grilled with chilli bean paste And also hot sour salad
Massaman curry together with chicken shallot pumpkin potato nuts And tamarind
Red curry of duck along with lychee baby ingrown toenail tomatoes Thai basil pea And apple eggplant
Green curry of sliced up meat with bamboo lengthy bean apple eggplant And Thai basil
Vietnamese clay-based pot of snapper using black pepper green mango And young coconut
“Dhania gosht” lamb grilled with chana dahl natural chilli yoghurt And fresh coriander
Crispy duck having pickled mustard green bok choy And green chilli nahm jihm
Bagan chicken curry along with lemongrass ginger And turmeric
Beef rendang braised within coconut milk
Twice grilled pork ribs together with black bean ginger And also soy

Stir deep-fried black pepper “brought in Kimberley” beef together with asparagus green
shallot ginger And sugar snap
Stir fried prawn by using chilli jam cashew peanuts long bean baby corn And Thai basil
Chow ming noodles having duck tofu beansprouts bok choy chilli And red capsicum
Stir fried minced lamb along with leek garlic herb ginger green peas chilli shiitake mushroom
Crispy salted pork along with yellow bean garlic chilli And gailan
“Kway Teow” of meats using shiitake mushroom egg beansprouts gailan And sweet soy
“Pad Thai” rice noodles egg nuts dried prawn pickled turnip tofu beansprouts

Crispy “confit” pig hock on the calcaneus with nahm jihm jaew And nam pla prik
Chinese style roasting pork belly provided through yellowish bean soya kaffir lime
sweet chilli Vietnamese chilli
Crispy saltbush lamb steak together with ginger coriander lemon sections And pomegranate sauce
Crispy complete fish together with three-flavor sauce outrageous ginger turmeric
pineapple chilli And tamarind
“Dendeng balado” caramelized brief rib beef with kaffir lime green chilli And lemon basil
Crispy lemongrass chicken breast together with sweet chilli sauce

Stir deep-fried Asian greens
Stir toast Sichuan braised eggplant along with capsicum turmeric And dark soy
Stir fried rice along with egg green peas sweet corn And green shallot
Southern Indian sambar curry of fresh vegetables dahl tamarind And coriander
Stir fried water spinach having garlic
Bread canai
Jasmine rice

Notice from Mama San for visitor “jangan mengambil foto & menjiplak interior”
Costs are topic to 10% Govt Tax with 7.5% Service Cost & are in thousands Rupiahs
Crispy baby barramundi And roll your own own rice papers rolls
peanut hot sauce recipe And nouc cham
“Tom Yum” of shrimp along with lemongrass galangal chilli jam
And flat leaf coriander
Hainanese chicken or duck rice along with yellow bean dressing
cucumber pickled ginger As well as chicken soup
“Thai Khao Gang” minced rooster together with chilli garlic
long bean and also holy basil offered having fried egg steamed rice
And turnip shredded fowl soup
Clam grilled in claypot As well as lemongrass young ginger And basil
Sugarcane prawns with sweet chilli & lime
Waterspinach And banana blossom salad using pork prawn
sweet And sour mandarin dressing
Soto “Betawi” of slow cooked properly short rib beef And tongue
having coconut whole milk nutmeg Asian celery And fresh lime
Clear soup together with pork dumpling shrimp egg noodles And bok choy
Vietnamese “pho bo” by using twice grilled beef rice noodles
Thai basil And Hanoi chilli sauce
“Laksa” with shrimp shredded roasted chicken crispy tofu soft-boiled
egg hokkien And vermicelli noodles
Char sui pork noodles soup through pork And prawn dumpling
gailan And beansprout
Roasted duck having Shanghai noodles duck wonton And also bok choy
Stir toast rice with seafoods Chinese sausage
green peas And Asian celery
“Bun cha” of cooked pork through fresh Vietnamese herbs
crushed nuts And a light nouc cham dressing

 Thai pumpkin caramel chocolate with coconut sauce And cashew nut ice cream Charcoal sticky rice together with coconut cream Home made banana pudding together with cinnamon Cardamom And coconut glaciers cream Pavlova crispy meringue along with mango mousse Passion fruit coulis mixed berries & coconut ice cream Deep fried ice cream with nutella Creme brulee with espresso affogato Mango lychee And pandan trifle Chai green tea caramel custard using cashew nut ice cream

Jasmine Tea
Green Tea, Remarkably fresh green tea  subtle And invigorating
 Chamomile Tea,  Fresh new, cleansing And also intensely,  pleasant to drink
 Peppermint Tea,  Stunning And strong, an extremely, relaxing digestive
 Earl Grey,  A aromatic variants of classic
 English Breakfast time, Originally mixed up, strong And complete bodied
 Royal Darjeeling (Black Tea),  Indian ebony tea together with aroma of red berries, rounded And vibrant taste

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